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EMC shielding on plastics

Our shielding coatings on plastics guard against electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge.

Thanks to various highly conductive coatings, we are able to offer specific solutions to problems with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD). They offer a host of application possibilities in the areas of IT, telecommunications, sensors, measurement and control technology, control electronics, etc.

Depending on the application, we employ coating materials such as aluminium, copper and other metals that are applied to the products using PVD processes under high vacuum. We also offer a protective coating for special operating conditions.
As an alternative to PVD processes, we have various conductive lacquer systems with metal-based pigments such as copper or silver that ensure good electrical conductivity on the plastic surface.

Our shielding coatings are suitable for most plastics. Partial coating is also possible without difficulty, allowing external surfaces to remain uncoated, for example.
We will be pleased to coat samples or prototypes for you so that you can test the functionality of the entire product.

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